Best Vancouver albums of 2016: Shitlord Fuckerman – ‘Teen Repellent Noise Laser’ (self-released)

If the name Shitlord Fuckerman doesn’t grab you right away, then how about the immediately heart-throttling, tubular doom of “dark refill” that opens Teen Repellent Noise Laser? How about the pop culture-referencing song titles like “crisping lover”, David Lynch’s pro skater 4″, “robocop judgement day”, and “danny elfman enemaa”? (Speaking of Elfman, Noise Laser ends with a cover of Oingo Boingo’s “controller” that manages to sound even more panicked than the original.) Or how about the other titles that some people might deem straight-up bizarre like “sweaty pop tart hands” or simply crass like “dear god: please forgive me for my terrible wiener”, “return to anus island”, and worried I’ll shit myself at VGH outpatient”?

A laptop and a battery-powered Casio are all Shitlord Fuckerman uses to create essentially snippets of video game music. (You’ll hardly find a track that exceeds two minutes here.) Teen Repellent Noise Laser collects 24 glitchy 8-bit tracks that had previously been scattered across four years’ worth of EPs and singles. Even then, the at-times exuberant, at-other-times agitating compilation only clocks in at 33 minutes.

The only thing missing from Shitlord Fuckerman’s oeuvre on Teen Repellent Noise Laser is their sample of a Macho Man Randy Savage promo, a common feature at their live performances. But like Fuckerman’s terrible wiener, I can forgive them for that.

Standout track – “controller”

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