Feature on Rickshaw Theatre’s 7th anniversary


The Rickshaw Theatre will celebrate its 7th anniversary on July 8th with old friends No Sinner and Pickwick and new friends SAVVIE and the Dip. I asked the venue’s owner Mo Tarmohamed what these artists have meant to the Rickshaw and what role the theatre plays in Vancouver’s music scene. Read a snippet below and the full article at Vancouver Weekly.

“The feeling of elation is palpable for some of these bands,” venue owner Mo Tarmohamed says of musicians who, “after toiling in relative obscurity playing smaller venues for years, get the chance to experience a big stage, expert sound mix, and rockstar lighting.” He hopes the Rickshaw can, in any way, serve as a catalyst that helps young artists further their futures in music. “It’s always rewarding to hear bands, both local and touring, say things like, ‘I can’t believe I’m playing on the same stage as Thurston Moore, the War on Drugs, Misfits, the Sonics, etc. once did.”


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